After the release of one of the Brazilian writer's works in 2021, the German photographer contacted her on social media, proposing a book partnership.
The challenge would be to write about a "Tour" through 5 Brazilian states, talking about accommodation services, mobility, curiosities, natural beauty, historical monuments and gastronomy. The proposal was accepted and PROJECT GLOBETROTTER was born.

After this trip, the team realized how much there was to show beyond what the big "tabloids" gave the public access to.
There were incredible stories about ordinary people, the people who really make vacations perfect, the guides, chambermaids, waiters, cooks, the people who prepare the drinks at the bar that we enjoy on vacation and so many others who give us access to the postcards that the magazines show.
These people and their life stories held our attention for hours, and we felt the need to put everything in the spotlight.

Also as a result of the "Project", we thought about the "PG Magazine", which would initially be a monthly electronic magazine, where we would show everything we had met during our travels.
The team then went in search of more Emotions, Colors and Flavors, this time in Europe where we were able to photograph and describe the same services as we did in Brazil, and now we had much more to show!

We realized that we were two travelers, writers, dreamers and that there was a huge world to show through beautiful photos and books that described what people couldn't see.
And since then, what was just a travel project has become a company that bears the name of its creators, which can give voice not only to our works, but to those of other authors from various fields.

On this journey we have used various services that have worked very well, and we want to be able to count on these partner brands, so that together we can reach more people around the world.

This WebSite was created to show a little of everything we had seen so far and the incredible places we had been.

As every good idea evolves, we then decided to immigrate to Portugal, from where it would be much easier to set off on our countless travels.
We felt the need to share with everyone the dynamics of the team's immigration to Portugal, where the company now has its headquarters.

As the process for a Brazilian and a European citizen is completely different, we describe how each document request, property lease, difficulties with bureaucracy and other situations were handled.

Now the Winkler & Cabral Company is beginning a story that, in the same way that a book is eternalized, will make our literary works and those of other authors seen all over the world!

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Dreamland Portugal is a Facebook group and FB account dedicated to immigration to Portugal. Experiences, questions, information, find friends again or find new friends. ...


The launch of Winkler & Cabral. In 2021 we turned an idea into reality. Our journeys started in Brazil in 2021. In 2023 it became Winkler & Cabral. The FB page is now a historical relic and therefore still in the Winkler & Cabral lineup. ...


This service has been discontinued due to corporate restructuring. ...


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